Monday, December 31, 2007

Don't Crack Your Melon!

Hey, if you are going to be partying tonight; don't drink and ride! Also, if you are planning to really party (like where the bed is spinning, but you're not even in bed), wear your helmet. You might not look sexy, but when you fall and hit your head on the coffee table no one will see your brain!!

Besides, if your date doesn't understand your need to wear your helmet to a party, she might not be the one you want to spend 2008 with anyway!!

What if a ride breaks out at the party??

Big Mel

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Blair Rich Project.

Received a Oregon Scientific helmet cam for Christmas from the in-laws. Big Mel pretty much set up my Christmas list to make sure it would arrive under the tree! Since I didn't have a chance to ride Christmas day, I decided to take it out for a spin at Aunt Kims Christmas party.

It was obvious from the start that everyone at the party was impressed with the technology and how unobtrusive it was. Multiple people even took my picture. Big Mel was looking fine!!! I was limited to shooting a few minutes on half quality because I didn't have a sD card with me. As you will see from the video, things at the party were rocking!! It wouldn't have been the same without the helmet cam ... you're welcome Aunt Kim!

I want to send a shout out to my 'peeps' at Aunt Kim's Christmas party. Thanks for letting me try out the new helmet cam! Nothing better than sitting around a house taking helmet cam video!!

A special shout out to Jimmie 'I like Tuna with my Dolphin' the Streak: Any man whose wife reads books on how to pick up sexy women in bars can ride with Big Mel anytime! Jimmie coined the phrase 'The Blair Rich Project' after watching my helmet cam handi-work!! He was both scared and nauseous. And to his sister Lil' A: Next year I'll crack walnuts with my six pack thighs!

If you look closely at the video you will spy The Godfather doing what he does best: sitting.

Next year I'm bringing my sD card and we'll tape the whole thing! Let's go ride.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Miracle!

Hey if God can keep Big Mel's melon balanced over two wheels while going thirty miles an hour down a hill on his mountain bike, when a dramatic shimmy developed in the front tire (two to three inches in each direction ... how I didn't go down can only be explained as a miracle, talk about crying out to Jesus!!), surely he can send his son Jesus to save the whole world.

May the miracle of Christmas bless you all this year and into 2008!!

Big Mel

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Big Mel can't shift The Beast.

Visiting The Godfather and family for Christmas. Hopped out of the van with Mucho Grande (my helmet) on my head and jumped on the tandem with The Godfather.

The Godfather has a Trek tandem (very nice new bike, Big Mel doesn't know the model and I don't lose any sleep over the fact that I don't know the model; could be a 2006, or 2007 also, beats me). Anyway, this bike is the only piece of biking gear that weighs more than my melon.

This was the first time on the tandem since the Tour de Donut in July (finished first in our category ... Big Mel riding a tandem with The Godfather, but finished last among the tandems. You going to argue about it with The Godfather?!? He's not the Stoker for nothin'; ran over a fish riding along the Fox River and didn't even flinch.)

For some reason riding the Tandem around the neighborhood is a pain in the opposite end of the melon (seed ejector?? na.). It started raining while we were riding, so Big Mel wasn't going as fast downhill as I normally would and you can't keep momentum on The Beast up the hill anyway, so it was a hard ride (even for only 2 miles). Big Mel kept complaining about getting the gears tuned up; The Godfather kept complaining about getting my ability to shift 'tuned up'. Big Mel can't argue with The Godfather, I have my back to him as long as the bike is moving. Hey, at least the chain didn't break or even fall off, so how bad could it have been. There is still time to get the shifting down before The Big Ride '08!!

When we got back (and Big Mel stopped laughing) Big Mel stopped sweating and panting after about a half hour. Good Ride!!

I think I drank water out of a glass that my dog drank out of. Big Mel hates that.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let's Get This Party Started!!

The Bobber, aka The Godfather, and I celebrate the creation of this blog with a traditional holiday dance:

Relax, more is coming! All the bike paths in Rome weren't built in a day! My melon sized head is full of ideas and opinions, so link up and hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

I promise this will be one cycling website that is DOWNHILL ALL THE WAY!!