Thursday, February 12, 2009

Confessions of an Unmotivated Cyclist.

What is it about winter that make cycling such a drag?  I mean, I know it's the cold, and the snow, and the wind, and the short days, and the salt, and the constant sinus infections, and ... and ... and, but really what makes me so unmotivated in the winter?

Confession #1:  I haven't ridden a bike in 2009.
There, I said it, it's out there.  Not 1 mile.  Not 1 lap around the culdesac.  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.

I took my road bike in the basement back in early November to get ready to ride the rollers.  We had an early winter, but I thought I was ahead of the game.  Since then my bike has collected more dust than it did when The Godfather and I had to go 'off-road' on our trip across Illinois.  I really wanted to get the year off to a good start, put some miles in, and 'find my groove' before group rides went into high gear.  Nope, didn't happen.  I even had plans to ride a New Years Day group ride.  It was a reasonably nice day to ride.  Nope, didn't happen.

Confession #2:  I haven't put an entry on this page in 2009.
If your reading this (you're probably the only one) you might have already realized this.

I took my time last fall and redesigned this site to its current state of 'glory' only to turn my back on it and on my faithful reader(s?).  When I don't bike, it's hard to blog about biking.  I read my cycling magazines and health magazines and kayaking magazines and XC skiing magazines, but it's not the same as getting out there.  Man, if you could really get in shape from reading magazines, I'd be buff (more buff).

Confession #3:  I don't know how to get motivated again.
I need professional help.  Not my usual kind of professional help, but the kind that can motivate my booty to get in gear.  I'm looking for ideas!  Got any?

This is a big year.  The Godfather and I are in the early stages of planning our 2009 ride.  Heck, I've been thinking about a name for it for a few weeks now at least! All of this thinking is making me tired! I need somewhere we can ride that rhymes with 9; mine ... stein ... pine ... sign.

If I don't get help soon, I might not train before this years 300 mile ride either.  One of these years I'm going to be too old to make it without training.  If I actually finish and post this entry, I guess I'm on my way.

Big Mel

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