Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Secret Is Out!

I have tried to keep this secret as long as I could, but yesterday a friend of called and revealed that she had figured out the secret.  The funny thing was ... she didn't even know it was a secret.  She didn't realize that she had stumbled across one of my closest kept secrets and so casually exposed it!

She had just been to for the first time (hard to believe I know) and said that although the content was trite, silly, and a waste of time (my words, not hers), she saw a REAL INTELLIGENCE in my writing.

You can't put that back in the bottle once it has been released!  The secret is out there now ...


Now that the secret is out there, I want to assure my loyal readers that I will continue to be the same person I have always appeared to be in my writings.  I promise to continue to write the same incoherent dribble about biking that I have always written.  In fact, I pledge to work harder to inspire people less with my inept ramblings so that no one else need worry about stumbling on the secret of my intelligence again.

My only hope is that the revelation of my intelligence will not make you think less of me, or that my website is only for the biking intelligentsia.  All are welcome at ... intelligent people or complete morons!

Big Mel
PS: Why can't my wife, Mrs. Big Mel, stop laughing?  She must be intimidated by my REAL INTELLIGENCE!

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